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Elastic Connection Platform

Product Overview

China Telecom’s Elastic Connection Platform (ECP) is a global interconnection service for multi-cloud enterprises seeking secure and reliable cloud-to-cloud, and on-premises to cloud cross-border connectivity solutions. Built with APIs and integrations to leading cloud service providers (CSPs), operators can turn up a layer 2 or layer 3 connections to VPCs in hours and scale bandwidth on-demand through pre-provisioned on-ramps deployed at 40+ key IBX data centers inside and outside of Mainland China.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Offers network operators a direct or hybrid, end-to-end interconnection platform with immediate advantages in terms of simplicity, performance, security, flexibility, and cost.
  • Reduce CAPEX without additional hardware investments and lower OPEX reliable performance, security and streamlined provisioning & pay-as-you-go monthly billing plans.
  • Through the ECP customer portal, operators can quickly provision secure, high-quality multi-cloud connections.
  • ECP completely avoids the public internet in China and includes automated failover on redundant connections as a part of the base service.
  • Leverage CT’s Tier-1 cloud-connected Global DCI network (AS 36678).

Technical Details

  • Leveraging cloud partner APIs through the ECP management console customers can quickly turn-up private connections to cloud services between cloud nodes inside and outside of China.
  • End-to-end encryption, dedicated connectivity for data transfer between data centers and private or public clouds offer a secure hybrid cloud environment.
  • Scale bandwidth from 2M to 10G as requirements change, and add VLANs as needed to accommodate new offices or application workloads.
  • ECP is connected to CT’s global SDN-based Data-Center Interconnection (DCINet AS 36678) backbone network.
  • Simple GUI allows customers to dynamically add CSPs and add or modify interconnect capacity on-demand.
  • 24 to 48 hours (for cloud-to-cloud links within ECP data center); 3-7 working days (for DC to cloud links within ECP data center); 20-30 working days (for local loop). APIs allow for rapid cloud-end delivery.
  • ECP PoPs are in Equinix Cloud Exchange data centers in 22 metros.
  • Access CSPS from over 40 carrier neutral data centers in 29 metros.