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Multi-Protocol Label Switching VPN

China Telecom MPLS VPN services refer to secure data transmission services incorporating Multiple Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and RFC2547bis based standards to establish a logical connection between two or more nodes, thus enabling customers to create a virtual private network. The natural choice for exploring new and richer IP service offerings, MPLS offers private networking over private and public IP infrastructures. China Telecom Americas’ MPLS VPN provides our customers with the ability to outsource the management of their secure Intranet solutions, replacing legacy technologies that are often more expensive and more difficult to manage.

Our MPLS VPN is built on a single IP network. It is the only MPLS VPN solution that can seamlessly connect your locations in the Americas and China via our network PoPs. Our MPLS VPN offers scalability, security, reliability, and quality guarantees that are strictly channeled via MPLS tunnels within CHINANET and CN2 networks. Our MPLS VPN is fully owned, managed, and monitored by China Telecom with worldwide VPN network coverage and 100% VPN network coverage in over 300 major