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Umbra Case Study

Umbra is one of the world's most innovative housewares product design companies. A global company based in Toronto, Canada, Umbra brings intelligent design to everyday items. Umbra invested in a centralized MPLS network for all of its major computing functions across the globe, but experienced a multitude of issues. Unlike the North America-based service providers, China Telecom is the world’s largest — and fastest — fixed line and broadband network operator. We deliver superior results by investing more than any other provider in terrestrial and cable infrastructure, including cloud, terrestrial and submarine cables. In 2012, Umbra moved its network to China Telecom Americas, who was able to deliver an end-to-end, managed MPLS solution and a Service Level Agreement that guaranteed up-time of 99.9 percent.

Consistent, fast and centralized service and reliable connections across continents have been critical to Umbra’s success. Its partnership with China Telecom Americas enables performance that allows the company to focus on continuous improvement and innovation as they develop next generation products for their customers
throughout the world.